Washington, DC

Apr 10, 2019 | Marriott Marquis


7:00 PM
Where: Salon 7

Make Your Own Elijah Craig Small Batch

Denny Potter

Master Distiller | Heaven Hill Distillery  |  BIO

Bernie Lubbers

Whiskey Brand Ambassador |Heaven Hill Distillery  |  BIO

We hope you paid attention in chemistry class! Try your hand at combining various samples of 8 to 12-year-old Bourbon that have met our quality standards to create your very own small batch. Master Distiller Denny Potter, Whiskey Brand Ambassador Bernie Lubbers and the rest of the Heaven Hill team will be on hand to guide you through an extremely hands on look at the attention to detail and superb craftsmanship that gives Elijah Craig its ideal balance of age, robust body and rich flavor.

7:00 PM
Where: Salon 9

From Blend to Bottle – A Deconstructed Tasting of Little Book™ Blended Whiskey

Tim Heuisler

American Whiskey, East Coast Brand Ambassador  |  Beam Suntory  |  BIO

Join Beam Suntory American Whisk(e)y Brand Ambassador, Tim Heuisler, for a deconstructed tasting of eighth generation Beam family member Freddie Noe’s first ever product release, Little Book. A limited annual release series, Little Book will feature new and unique blends each year. During this exclusive seminar, you’ll learn more about inspiration for Little Book and taste each individual uncut and unfiltered liquid streams that make up Little Book “The Easy” – the inaugural batch of his product release.

7:00 PM
Where: Salon 12

Glenmorangie Beyond the Finish – Why American Oak is Best

Clarke Boyer

Brand Ambassador  |  Glenmorangie  |  BIO

In this seminar, we’ll discuss the influence of American Oak maturation by taking a closer look at a series of Glenmorangie expressions matured entirely in American Oak. Lineup: Glenmorangie Original, Glenmorangie Spios, Glenmorangie Astar 2009, Glenmorangie Astar 2017, Glenmorangie 19 yr.

7:45 PM
Where: Salon 8

The Keys to Stitzel-Weller: A Unique Walk Through Blade and Bow’s Solera System

Douglas Kragel

National Educator for North American Whiskey | Diageo Reserve  |  BIO

Join Diageo Reserve’s National Educator on American Whiskey and native Kentuckian, Doug Kragel on a unique deconstruction of Blade & Bow. Doug will lead the attendees through the production process and explain the unique “Solera System” that’s based at Stitzel-Weller Distillery. The seminar will also boast some of the component whiskies that have never been tasted outside our blending labs at natural barrel strength. This is a oneoff unique experience that can’t be missed for all fans of Bourbon!

7:45 PM
Where: Salon 10

The Legend of The Tyrconnell: A Legacy of Leading the Pack

Michael Egan

National Brand Ambassador  |  Beam Suntory  |  BIO

Immerse yourself in a brand that has stood the test of time and today is once again pioneering the Single Malt Irish category with The Tyrconnell. While innovation is key, legendary brands never forget their roots. Michael Egan will teach cask maturation to showcase the different spirit nuances throughout the Tyrconnell lineup.

8:30 PM
Where: Salon 9

Beacons on the Bay

Simon Brooking

National Scotch Brand Ambassador  |  Beam Suntory  |  BIO

Ryan Lyles

Luxury Specialist & Protector of the Peat  |  Beam Suntory

A high-end comparison tasting of two of Islay’s best-selling single malts Laphroaig (The Hollow by the Bay) and Bowmore (The Big Bend).

8:30 PM
Where: Salon 12

How the Ardbeg Committee Helped Ardbeg Get Its Groove Back

Clarke Boyer

Brand Ambassador  |  Ardbeg  |  BIO

In this seminar, we’ll take a look at the role the Ardbeg Committee has played in resurrecting and safeguarding Ardbeg for future generations of whisky enthusiasts. We’ll sample a number of Ardbeg expressions including some past Committee Releases. Lineup: Ardbeg 10 yr., Ardbeg An Oa, Ardbeg Dark Cove Committee Release, Ardbeg Kelpie Committee Release, Ardbeg Grooves Committee Release