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7:00 PM
Where: Nob Hill A-B

A Grand Tasting Tour through Rare Glenmorangie Vintages with Brendan Mccarron

Brendan Mccarron

Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks | Glenmorangie | BIO

Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks, Brendan McCarron has come all the way from Scotland to delight and surprise you with some award winning old favorites, very special Grand Vintages and perhaps some special secret treats.

7:00 PM
Where: Salon 1-2

A Walk Through the Woods: Why Wood Makes the Whisky

Dominic Venegas

Whisk(e)y Savant | Pernod Ricard |  BIO

To truly appreciate what provides the varied characteristics of different Scotch whiskies, you need to know more than just the basics. A familiarity of variables like the ingredients, production process and region, the size and shape of the still is certainly important but without an understanding of the wood’s role in the final aged product, your Scotch experience is incomplete.

In this seminar, Pernod Ricard Whisk(e)y Savant, Dominic Venegas, will lead a journey through the forest of the maturation process to highlight the oak tree: the wood’s grain structure and flavoring characteristics, and the mechanisms at work in aging. Including a comparative tasting of four premium marques.

7:00 PM
Where: Salon 3-4

The History of Bottled-in-Bond by Heaven Hill Distillery

Conor O’Driscoll

Master Distiller | Heaven Hill Distillery | BIO

Bernie Lubbers

Global Brand Ambassador | Heaven Hill Distillery | BIO

Join Heaven Hill Distillery Master Distiller, Conor O’Driscoll and Whiskey Ambassador, Bernie Lubbers as they take you through the history of Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey. As the largest independent, family-owned distillery in America, Heaven Hill has a distinction as producing the most Bottled-in-Bond products available today. From how Bottled-in-Bond came to be, to how it almost was left to history, and now the resurrection of popularity among whiskey connoisseurs, Heaven Hill has been at the forefront of each historical moment within the category. Conor and Bernie will guide you through samples of a wide variety of Heaven Hill’s Bottled-in-Bond portfolio, and even explain why Bernie calls it the “Eagle Scout” of whiskey.

7:00 PM
Where: Salon 5-6

Legent: Redefining Bourbon

Adam Harris

Bour-Bon Vivant & American Whiskey Ambassador | Beam Suntory | BIO

Amanda Gunderson

American Whiskey Ambassador | Beam Suntory | BIO

Legent is a bourbon, but it’s a one of a kind bourbon because it’s unlike anything that’s ever been created. It’s a collaboration between two whiskey legends – Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh-generation Master Distiller, and Shinji Fukuyo, Suntory’s fifth-ever Chief Blender. Join Beam Suntory’s American Whiskey Ambassadors Adam Harris and Amanda Gunderson as they lead this special tasting and introduce you to this truly unique bourbon experience.

7:45 PM
Where: Nob Hill C-D

Wood Finishing Series: From Experimental to Innovation

Rob Samuels

Chief Distillery Officer and 8th-Generation Whisky Maker | Maker’s Mark |  BIO

Johnnie Mundell

Heritage Manager  Maker’s Mark | BIO

Maker’s Mark has developed a unique program designed to give whisky lovers a taste of how variations in wood can naturally enhance the distinct flavors in its bourbon. Join Maker’s Mark Chief Distillery Officer and 8th-Generation Whisky Maker Rob Samuels on a journey exploring innovation through wood science. You’ll be among the first to try the new Wood Finishing Series 2019 Limited Release using a proprietary stave profile, RC6. Heritage Manager Johnnie Mundell assists Rob in this unique tasting that will also feature whisky from the very first Maker’s Private Select, cask strength Maker’s Mark 46, and an unreleased experimental whisky.

7:45 PM
Where: Salon 10-11

Glengoyne and Tamdhu  – Sherry Casks the Ian MacLeod Way

Gordon Dundas

International Brand Ambassador | Ian MacLeod Distillers Ltd. |  BIO

At Ian MacLeod Distillers, we focus on Sherry casks for Glengoyne and exclusively for Tamdhu. We will explore a range of great drams across both of these distilleries that use our Oloroso seasoned sherry casks. 6 years of preparation in Spain before the cask is filled in Scotland is imperative to give our whiskies their wonderful flavour and colour. It will be a great journey through the importance and subtlety of maturation. Lineup: Rosebank, Glengoyne Legacy, Glengoyne 25 yr., Tamdhu 15 yr., Tamdhu Batch Strength 4, Tamdhu Single Cask

7:45 PM
Where: Salon 12-13

A Guide Through the Innovative Whiskies of Compass Box with Founder & Whiskymaker John Glaser

John Glaser

Founder and Whiskymaker | Compass Box | BIO

Ever since their first release, Hedonism, back in 2000, Compass Box has been at the forefront of innovation in production methods and uniquely original flavor profiles in Scotch whisky. John Glaser will guide you through a selection of Compass Box whiskies which showcase the wide range of flavors possible in Scotch whisky, from the delicate and light through to the heavily-peated with a few twists and turns along the way. From the past, to the present and future of Scotch whiskies, we hope you join us for this selection of whiskies unlike anything you will experience elsewhere.

7:45 PM
Where: Salon 14-15

Crown Royal: The XR and Noble Series Collection

Stephen Wilson

Director of Whisky Engagement | Crown Royal | BIO

Elevate your Crown Royal tasting experience by joining Stephen Wilson, Director of Whisky Engagement for Crown Royal, to explore the history, production process and art of blending Crown Royal Canadian Whisky. Guests will enjoy the opportunity to explore select whiskies from the award-winning Noble Series, along with Crown Royal XR from the famed LaSalle distillery.

8:30 PM
Where: Nob Hill A-B

To The Stars And Back

Cameron George

US National Ambassador | Ardbeg | BIO

Brendan Mccarron

Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks | Glenmorangie | BIO

We’ll taste Ardbeg from teenager to twentysomething and its sure to be a SUPER tasting that’s out of this world…

Join US National Ardbeg Ambassador Cameron George and Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks, Brendan McCarron as they explore a host of rare and special Ardbeg bottlings that are all simply out of this world.

8:30 PM
Where: Salon 5-6

Hibiki: Celebrating 30 Years

Jonathan Armstrong

West Coast Brand Ambassador | House of Suntory |  BIO

Celebrating 30 years of Hibiki, Jonathan will honor the brand by walking attendees through the 24 seasons of Hibiki.


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