New York 2017

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7:00 PM
Where: Julliard/Imperial, 5th floor

Glenmorangie Finishing and Beyond

David Blackmore

Global Brand Ambassador  |  Glenmorangie  |  BIO

Join Global Brand Ambassador, David Blackmore for an in-depth taste through a selection of Glenmorangie’s award-winning and pioneering whiskies old and new. This is a rare opportunity to taste from a VERY exciting lineup: Glenmorangie Astar 2009 vs. the new limited release Astar 2017; 19 yr. limited release only available in Travel Retail, Sherry Wood Finish The Original Label Bottling from the Early 1990s! 18 year old; Bond House No.1 Grand Vintage 1990 (high end limited edition for 2017 almost sold out); and Signet (2016 IWC World Whisky of the Year). This is a seminar not to be missed!



7:00 PM
Where: Broadhurst/Belasco, 5th floor

Meet the Man Behind the ‘Maritime Malt’ Magic

Malcolm Waring

Old Pulteney Distillery Manager  |  International Beverage  |  BIO

Steph Ridgway

Manager, Brand Education – North America  |  International Beverage  |  BIO

Steph travelled to Wick, the northern most town on Scotland’s mainland to try her hand at making whisky at the Old Pulteney Distillery. Not only has she brought back some amazing, limited-edition distillery-exclusives just for you, but she also managed to lure Malcolm Waring, Distillery Manager, across the pond to share all the whisky and all the stories about the history of the magical town of Wick. Join them for some laughs and some sips!

7:00 PM
Where: Carnegie/Lyceum, 5th floor

From Blend to Bottle – A Deconstructed Tasting of Little Book™ Blended Whiskey with Freddie and Fred Noe

Fred Noe

Master Distiller  |  Jim Beam  |  BIO

FredDIE Noe

Distiller  |  Jim Beam  |  BIO

Join eighth generation Beam family member Freddie Noe, along with his father, current Beam master distiller, Fred Noe, for a deconstructed tasting of his first ever product release, called Little Book. A limited annual release series, Little Book will feature new and unique blends each year. During this exclusive seminar, you’ll learn more about Freddie and his inspiration for Little Book, his passion for the blending process, and taste each individual uncut and unfiltered liquid streams that make up Little Book “The Easy” – the inaugural batch of his product release.

7:00 PM
Where: Edison/Booth, 5th floor

The Beauty of Non-Age Statement

Dominic Venegas

Master of Scotch  |  The Glenlivet  |  BIO

For distillers and bartenders alike, non-age statement scotch whiskies presents exciting new possibilities. Whiskies in this burgeoning and innovative category may not have the familiar cachet of a 16-year single malt, but for distillers the flavor profile possibilities are virtually limitless, allowing them to create accessible whiskies with the versatility to be enjoyed both neat and in a cocktail. Master of Scotch, Dominic Venegas takes the mystery out of non-age statement by examining the maturation process start-to-finish to shed light on what effect aging has – and doesn’t have – on the final product. Once you look past the numbers, you’ll be able to appreciate non-age statement whiskies on their own terms to give them the due they deserve.

7:00 PM
Where: Alvin, 5th floor

Malt & Milk: Pairing Single Malt Scotch with Cheese

Jordan Zimmerman

Prestige Brand Ambassador  |  Edrington Americas  |  BIO

If whisky is the water of life, what is its sustenance? In the Scottish spirit of adventure, we’re on a mission to find out. Join Edrington’s Prestige Brand Ambassador-and former Director of Education for New York’s famed Murray’s Cheese-on a journey through milk, malt and the magic of finding the perfect pairing. Guests will sample four expressions from The Macallan portfolio, ranging in age and barrel types, and will pair each expression with a carefully-chosen style of artisanal cheese. With a keen eye toward the varied flavors, textures and structural elements or both the sustenance and sauce, guests will train their palates to discover their own personal roadmaps to flavor nirvana-and ultimately discover just how rewarding a dram of the world’s most prestigious single malt can be with the perfect companion. Slainte!

7:45 PM
Where: Wilder, 4th floor

Make Your Own Elijah Craig Small Batch

Denny Potter

Master Distiller  |  Heaven Hill Distilleries  |  BIO

Bernie Lubbers

Whiskey Brand Ambassador  |  Heaven Hill Distilleries  |  BIO

We hope you paid attention in chemistry class! Try your hand at combining various samples of 8 to 12-year-old Bourbon that have met our quality standards to create your very own small batch. Master Distiller Denny Potter, Whiskey Brand Ambassador Bernie Lubbers and the rest of the Heaven Hill Distilleries team will be on hand to guide you through an extremely hands on look at the attention to detail and superb craftsmanship that gives Elijah Craig its ideal balance of age, robust body and rich flavor.

7:45 PM
Where: Odets, 4th floor

Journey to Jura

Jason Moore

Single Malt Specialist  |  Jura  |  BIO

Join us for a journey to Jura’s remote island home. Taste the new Jura 10, which marks a return to our original subtly smoky house style, and a few other rare whiskies from our private collection, including Jura 30.

7:45 PM
Where: Ziegfeld, 4th floor

Old Friends

Simon Brooking

National Scotch Brand Ambassador  |  Beam Suntory  |  BIO

A toast to old friends and new with Beam Suntory’s Scotch ambassador, Simon Brooking. Sample the new 2017 Laphroaig Cairdeas (Gaelic for Friendship) alongside some very old friends from Laphroaig. An exclusive tasting not to be missed.

8:30 PM
Where: Julliard/Imperial, 5th floor

So You Think You An Oa Ardbeg?

Clarke Boyer

Brand Ambassador  |  Ardbeg  |  BIO

Join Clarke Boyer for a once in a lifetime tasting of Ardbeg, including old favorites and (very) new releases.

8:30 PM
Where: Broadhurst/Belasco, 5th floor

A Sip Back in Time with Peerless

Caleb Kilburn

Head Distiller |  Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company  |  BIO

Sip and savor Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company’s first release in 100 years. Hear from the Head Distiller himself, Caleb Kilburn who will take you through the “Peerless Caliber” approach to making whiskey.

8:30 PM
Where: Lyceum/Carnegie, 5th floor

East Coast Japanese Whisky Brand Ambassador Beam Suntory

Gardner Dunn

East Coast Japanese Whisky Brand Ambassador  |  Beam Suntory  |  BIO

For years now, The Yamazaki distillery has been producing different types of malt whisky with the aim of accumulating multiple new flavors for the future. This unusual process is at the heart of the House of Suntory whiskies. Today’s class will focus on the Yamazaki distillery as we journey through the forests of Hokkaido tasting Yamazaki single malt whisky and exploring the Mizunara Oak.

8:30 PM
Where: Edison/Booth, 5th floor

The Flavour Wheel Reinvented

Dr. Don Livermore

Master Blender  |  Pernod Ricard USA  |  BIO

Join Dr. Don Livermore as he introduces his Canadian Whisky Flavour Wheel and find out how he is catching the attention of the world’s top whisky experts. This will be an informative class that will teach how flavours develop in Canadian Whisky from a Master Blender’s perspective.

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